Friday, 3 July 2015

Cost Saving Benefits of Moving Away From Paper Forms

One of the most important things that could happen to a company is turning towards a paperless lifestyle. The idea that you do not have to deal with a mountain of paperwork ridden with mistakes every single day is a wonderful experience. Waiting for late paper reports is no longer a part of your life while running around just to have a signature from your customer on the report is not a must. The paperless forms era is already taking shape and it’s a wonderful privilege companies can enjoy; businesses can now stop overwhelming their mobile workforce.
The freedom that comes with electronic forms
Moving from a paper form to an electronic form on iPad, Android or Windows tablet offers a company and its mobile workforce the freedom they deserve in a digital age. From mobile forms to digital reports you have the chance to watch as clutter and unwanted costs that came with paper forms disappear without much ceremony. The Formotus forms mean there are no more expenses, hassles and headaches while forgetting mistakes and costs that came with the old pile of paper trail.
Cost savings benefits keep rolling in
Electronic forms have cost saving benefits that never stop. They allow users to save effort, money and time that you probably used to spend working on paper documents in various activities like manual document searches, archiving, filing, signing and printing, among others. The effort that Formotus puts in for every client and the forms created go a long way in ensuring business dos not stop due to their ease of use.
Benefits are immense for all
Formotus services allow basically every business to replace its paper forms with the best electronic forms for their mobile workforce in mobile applications. For instance, medical technicians working in emergency centres and paramedics make the most of Formotus service offering a robust and quick offline filling of forms whether the internet connection has been lost or not.
Clinics and doctor practices use the paperless forms to complete and store new patient forms for consent, intake and even privacy with signatures clearly inked on the mobile devices’ screen. In fact, a provider’s notes will be captured electronically with ease during the visit while a photo snapped can be drawn on easily as well.
More time to serve customers
Electronic forms allow a company to involve its entire workforce through mobile devices. Simple forms usable on a daily basis are easily created via Formotus and customised to make sure they meet the needs of the business and are always ready for the staff to use with every customer remotely in the field.  As such, the mobile workforce gets enough time to spend time with customers to provide the needed expertise, service or care. There is no need to rush from the field to the office to write or pick up a document for a customer to fill or sign. Customers love the added efficiency; it gets them the attention they need.
Whether you are out there covering a health emergency, HVAC or any other critical service you do not have to encounter problems and snags that come with paper forms on a daily basic

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why use SharePoint Online for a compliant mobile cloud and tablet solutions

Don’t let privacy and security regulations inhibit your move to a cloud and tablet solutions.

We advise organisations concerned with stringent regulatory requirements to consider SharePoint Online, a highly secure option with a large number of compliance features and certifications. Formotus mobile solutions can connect to any kind of SharePoint including SharePoint Online (formerly BPOS), available by subscription as part of the Microsoft Office 365 service offering.

Here is a list of compliance certifications for Office 365:

  • Certified for ISO 27001. ISO 27001 is one of the best security benchmarks available across the world. Office 365 is the first major business productivity public cloud service to have implemented the rigorous set of physical, logical, process, and management controls defined by ISO 27001.
  • EU Model Clauses. In addition to being certified under EU Safe Harbor, Office 365 is the first major business productivity public cloud service provider to sign the standard contractual clauses created by the European Union (“EU Model Clauses”) with all customers. EU Model Clauses address international transfers of data.
  • Data processing agreement. Microsoft offers a comprehensive standard data processing agreement (DPA) to all customers. The DPA addresses the privacy, security, and handling of customer data. Our standard data processing agreement enables customers to comply with their local regulations.
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA). Office 365 is the first major business productivity public cloud service provider to sign requirements for the HIPAA BAA with all customers. HIPAA is a U.S. law that applies to healthcare entities that governs the use, disclosure, and safeguarding of protected health information (PHI), and imposes requirements on covered entities to sign business associate agreements with their vendors that use and disclose PHI.
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Office 365 implements security processes that adhere to the standards required by U.S. federal agencies, and it has acquired FISMA Authority to Operate (ATO) from a federal agency. U.S. federal agencies are welcome to review the Office 365 FISMA package to grant ATO.
  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Office 365 fulfills compliance and risk management requirements as defined in the Cloud Control Matrix (CCM). The CCM is published by a not-for-profit, member-driven organization of leading industry practitioners focused on helping customers make the right decisions when moving to the cloud. The matrix provides a detailed understanding of the security and privacy concepts and principles that are aligned to the Cloud Security Alliance guidance in 13 domains.
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Microsoft supports student privacy in Office 365 by complying with use and disclosure restrictions related to student data and by agreeing not to scan emails or documents for advertising purposes.

For more information on Office 365 security, privacy and compliance, see the Trust Center.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Smell The Coffee

Smell The Coffee
I wonder when IT Managers will smell the coffee and think about what they can do to help improve their working day. With over 30 years IT Management experience I understand how stressful the job of been an IT Manager can be. Most IT Managers will always tell the business that they are busy and that they do not have enough time in the day to focus on their services. Surly the fix is to get things off the desk and create more time to focus on the IT Services.

If you are a business running your own on premise Microsoft Exchange Server, then you will have challenges. Microsoft Exchange is a great product, however it also brings a lot of responsibility for the local IT Team. Every single business relies on email to operate their business, losing the ability to read and send email is a massive killer to any business. I can tell you the times when I would roll up to the office and my team telling me that Exchange is down! What a headache to have for the day. Only last week I heard of a business who had no email for their staff for three days! How many sales did that business lose? How long did it take them to catch up on the issues they missed from customers?
Every single IT Manager should consider moving their Microsoft Exchange into Microsoft’s Office 365 Exchange Service. I hear some of you saying that you do not need Office 365 as you got your applications covered. But did you know that you can just subscribe to the Microsoft Exchange Online service only in Office 365? Well you can!

Now some of you will be thinking of the risks to move. First of all Microsoft wrote Exchange, so they will be the best people to support Exchange. Second Microsoft have invested millions into their own Datacentres. Here is a tour you can watch For the UK your email would be kept in Ireland. Microsoft then sync that data to another datacentre in Netherlands, so if something happened to Ireland you people can still access their mail as the Datacentre in the Netherlands would support the service. Microsoft then also backup the data to another location, which is secret. What you have done here is given the infrastructure challenges to Microsoft. Microsoft will make sure that they have the best hardware to support your email service. Hands up how many of you have to go cap in hand to the directors of the business to ask for money for a new server? The resilience issue for email resolved with your mail now in Microsoft’s datacentre.

What is also very important about using Microsoft Exchange Online is the extra email benefits you give to your users and the business. Another question: Hands up who has a user that wants a large email box? I suspect most of you can only offer a mail box less than 1GB to your users. This will be due to storage limits on your server as well as the time to backup. With Microsoft Exchange Online each user gets a 50GB mail box. Also Microsoft will scan your mail for spam and viruses. If you are paying for this service, then that is a massive saving you can make right there. Also every email that is sent out of Exchange is encrypted to the standards currently in place, so that your user is confident that their message is safe for any hacks.

Mobility of email just works with every single device. Your users will be able to setup email on their tablets and phone within minutes. All they need to do is enter their username, normally their email address with password and email will be setup on their device. No messing about with certificates.
Now you are thinking about the task to migrate to Office 365. Well there are a number of ways of doing this. Some are the big bang approach and others are a slow migration approach. All very easy to do and very controllable. Microsoft also have tools to help. However to move forward you may be better asking a Microsoft Partner to help do some of it for you. Spending a couple of days with a Microsoft Gold Partner will be worth doing.

So I am reaching out to all IT Managers to say to you all, Smell the COFFEE and start to make life easier for yourselves. Get something like Exchange off your desk and into Office 365. Take the worry away. Now your people can focus on other things for the business. What are you waiting for?